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What do you fear the most when you enter the second half of your life and which are your biggest regrets and what gives you the greatest joy? These are some of the questions and thoughts Lisbeth Lunda addresses in “CONVERSATIONS”.
From childhood Lunda were forced to deal with existential topics like religion, shame, loneliness and alienation. This has followed her throughout life, thus making her a thoughtful person, accompanied by the devil and the angel on each shoulder.

As long as Lunda recalls these inner conversations about life and fear of the same have been a profound part of her so when she in 2017 decided to retire from the advertising industry and create her own artwork these conversations became a natural groundwork.

Lunda's works and thoughts are illustrated in the shape of a beautiful, scary or alien-like character, located in 2 dimensional environment where they face their inner thoughts and demons often in the shape of an animal.

A fascinating combination between the graphic rigor and the picturesque which also allow space for the observer's own imagination. The works are about facing demons and being grateful for what has helped form you as human, on good and evil, and finally the titles of the works, which are more text, adds yet another additional thought-provoking dimension.

Inspiration to the “CONVERSATIONS” universe can be drawn as a straight line to what has been feeding Lunda's imagination and vitality throughout life, namely the nature and the animals within. Spending thousands of hours alone in nature as a child, the forests, the mountains and the beaches has become places of inspiration and peace of mind. Often in the company of animals of her own, but always observing nature and its wildlife, as well as the power, purity and energy nature possesses.

Lisbeth Lunda is a graduated graphic designer, illustrator and Art Director from The Danish DRB Advertising University who has "served the advertising industry" for thirty years as she expresses it. But now AD-markers, the felt pen and Photoshop, has been replaced with brush, acrylic paint and canvas. And the analysis and storytelling that she used to use as a commercial communication tool now becomes small narratives of fear, joy, love, hope and broken illusions in “CONVERSATIONS”.

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